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our simple summer

Friday, May 30, 2014
My goal for this summer is SIMPLICITY. I want the kids to run around outside (a lot). I want the kids to make forts and tents out of sheets. I want the kids to lay in the grass and read books and look at clouds. I want the kids to catch fireflies and make s'mores. I want the kids to ride their bikes. I want the kids to use their imagination. I want the kids to get "bored" rather than just stare blankly at a tv screen. I want the kids to have an incredible summer filled with lots of memories of a simple yet fun filled summer.

In that regard we started the summer off on the perfect foot. We headed to Greg's grandparents farm house (that currently sits vacant) with some friends for some time away. Away from the hustle and bustle of the crazy end of any school year. Away from the messy house that just beckons to be cleaned. Away from the stresses of normal every day life. We stepped out to start our summer off in simplicity. We enjoyed our time together and have so many fun memories from just two short days away. We played outside. We made s'mores. The kids loved the slip n slide (so did the dads). The kids chased fireflies. BB guns were shot. Frogs were caught. Dogs were chased. They used their imaginations. They threw rocks into the pond and the creek. We enjoyed an incredible tour of historical homes from the early 1800's. We sat and talked. We walked down gravel roads and shared our stories. It was an incredibly fun two days. Made even more fun by two sleep deprived moms! Lots of laughs were had!! This was the perfect start to our simple summer. 

I look forward to more days like this...s...l...o...w...days. Days without agendas. Days of learning while having fun. Days with my family. Sticky arms from ice cream and paint under fingernails. Scrapped knees and bruised elbows. Naps on the lawn under tents of sheets. Books being read and adventures being had. Fun and simplicity...all wrapped into one!

Here are a few photos from our time at the farm. I will share more for the historical trip soon!


 I'll always cherish those little handprints!!

I got to take some photos of Abi on the farm in the same outfit I took some photos of Hannah in a couple years this little lady so much. She LOVED the dog...until he got real close, then she screamed!

So adventurous!

 What are you doing this summer to keep things simple?

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