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mixed media portrait canvas'

Monday, March 10, 2014
My husband often jokes that I have a new hobby every week. And while that's not entirely true it's a little true. I may not have a NEW hobby every week but I bounce around from hobby to hobby week to week. Some weeks I just want to sew all the time. Some weeks I just want to paint. Sometimes I can be found embroidering. Some weeks I'm working on my blog...and obviously many weeks I am not! Some weeks I am editing photos and creating things on my computer. When I am not able to create, be crafty, have a new hobby, call it what you will, I start to get depressed, sad, angry and all sorts of emotions that I'd rather not have. I know that seems weird but it's so true. Creating is my outlet. I know that God is the only true CREATOR but I am so thankful to Him for allowing me to rearrange the things He has lovingly created.

I've been working on something new. I shared it with my instagram followers and my friends on facebook but I also wanted to share about it here. This is where I can actually put some words to my photos. One night when I was supposed to have craft night at church and no one came I decided to head over to Books a Million to spend my gift card that I had received two years prior...sad I know. I was taking my time...browsing...choosing carefully and just looking at magazines and art books that I knew I wouldn't buy. I came across one book, maybe it was a magazine I honestly do not remember...but it had this altered art section. It showed how to take a photo printed on your home printer and transfer it to a canvas. I was hooked. I read the article and was so excited to get home and give it a try. However, I did not have the proper tools for the job and by the time I was done browsing at the book store the craft store was closed. So I went out the next day and got what I needed. I started as soon as I could on this altered art and I am hooked. I am still working on my technique but I love the process. Instead of just leaving the photo on the canvas plain I decided to add to it...I painted on the canvas, used colored pencils to bring out the facial features and also decided to draw on the canvas and added another one of my crafting passions with a little embroidery. I am so excited with how this one turned out. So, I asked some friends to send me some photos that I could work with and I picked three names out of a hat and have gotten to work perfecting my craft and learning more about altered art/mixed media. I love what I am creating and I'm really trying to bring some personalization to these images!! I hope to have the three new ones done soon so that everyone can see and then I will begin taking orders! So excited where this venture may take me!!

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