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kimono style dress and doll dress

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
I was recently asked by a friend to make a kimono style dress for her daughters birthday. She told me that her daughter is really into Asian things right now. So Melissa, sent me some photos of what she was looking for and I did a few searches of my own. I didn't think I had a suitable pattern but then got to thinking that maybe I could alter a pattern to make this work. I scoured my patterns and found this Audrey Cross Over Party dress and knew it would be the one! All I had to do was add sleeves. So, I took the sleeve pattern from a dress I am currently testing and used it as a template but just made them longer. I used the measurements for the sleeves from the peasant dresses I make. 

I am still totally floored when something actually turns out. I guess I'm learning more and more as I go. I had such a hard time with the doll dress though. It was harder for me than the big dress which I guess is probably normal. I ended up making two left sleeves at one point and I was just having a really off night. But I was able to get both dresses done with time to spare...which is UNHEARD of in this house!! I really hope she likes the dresses and cannot wait to photograph her in the dress with HER doll!!!

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