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seven month old sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Oh my word. Can you believe that I had a chance to photograph a sweet seven month old little girl on Saturday and JUST NOW finally got the photos off my memory card. Well, if that doesn't tell you something then I'm not sure what would. It would tell you that we're on Spring Break, my kids are home. We're spending time building forts, playing with playdoh, learning how to ride bikes (the kids not me), reading books, playing outside and just enjoying spending time together. It will also tell you that I haven't even thought about it because if I had the memory card would have been emptied onto my computer MUCH earlier! I've also been battling a small head cold so that doesn't help. ENOUGH excuses.

I can't believe I didn't even look at them sooner. Something has changed...I still LOVE photography and I get such a joy out of photographing people it just has taken a back in the trunk. I need to do more of it to reignite the passion that I have for photography.

Anyway, enough's a couple of photos of sweet Baby Ruth (even better than the candy bar). I took these photos of Ruth on the front porch of a mutual friends house while our older daughters were at a birthday party. I do plan on doing a PROPER session for Ruth very soon. But these photos will be added to that collection and sometimes you have to just grab the opportunity for a mini session when the moment is right!! Liz, I am SO sorry that I didn't look sooner...thanks for being patient. Here's your little sweetie!!

And it was this sweet girls birthday party that our older girls were attending. Does that dress look familiar? It was featured in my last blog post!!

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