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october birthday girls

Monday, October 14, 2013
I love that all the girls have their birthdays in the same month. Yes, it gets a little tough on the budget (our Anniversary is also in October) but we know it's coming so we just make it work in advance. I imagine that someday when they're turning  28 and 24, and 22 (or any age once they leave home really) that they will have a girls weekend to celebrate all their birthdays together. I imagine that when they are married and have kids of their own that they will still make time for their "annual birthday weekend" and I would love for that to actually happen. I love that they have this thing in common and pray that it will help keep them bonded when they go through tough times as sisters. 

The other day I decided on a whim to take their annual birthday photos after a quick trip to the farmer's market. I wasn't really concerned with what they were wearing when we left the house since they usually like to wear dresses and since I wasn't going for "coordinated" outfits since these would be their individual birthday photos. After we stopped at the market we drove around downtown a bit because I wanted to find a place to park to get some urban shots. It just so happens that there was a car show going on downtown and I knew this would be a big help because I wasn't planning on taking many photos of Micah and this would distract him. We enjoyed looking at the old cars and the kids even got to go inside one of the cars and it turns out it was the grandpa of one of Micah's classmates car! So fun! After we took some shots downtown I took the kids to our favorite park to get a few more photos in a different setting. While I would ideally love to get some other shots of the girls and maybe in coordinated outfits I know that what I did capture shows who they are at this point in their life and I'm happy with that!! 

Here are some of my favorite 7, 3 and 1 photos of my October birthday girls!!!

 Notice what steps they are sitting on...

Micah wanted his photo taken too!!

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