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coach pitch baseball

Friday, July 05, 2013
The love of baseball is pretty contagious around this house. It starts with Greg and goes all the way down to little Hannah who loves to play what the other kids are playing. They love to hit the ball off the tee in the backyard and Micah LOVED being on a rec team again this summer. This year since he was 5 when the season started he got to be on a coach pitch team. His coach was one who had never played the game and just got his first glove when he decided to coach and have his son I'm glad that Greg was able to go to most of the games and help teach the boys a little more about the game. It was nice when Greg could pitch too because he didn't hit any of the boys like the coach did. But Micah had a great time and probably wishes he could still play baseball games every week. There will come a time I am sure when our summer is completely filled with baseball but for right now we enjoy it for the one month that it is!! Here are some photos of my little ball player!

He hit the ball, ran to first and waited for his teammate to hit the ball...

Malachai hit the ball and Micah started running...

and didn't stop till he made it all the way home. That smile says it all. He then told me "mom, I hit a home run" well, not exactly but you're cute!

I asked him if I could take his picture and he started posing for me!

Abi loves to clap and cheer on her big brother!

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