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sweet spunky hannah

Thursday, June 13, 2013
It's been a while since I've done a kiddo here we go.

Sweet little spunky Hannah is now 2 and a half years old. She's our little parrot, copying anything she hears like she's saying it for the first time. She loves to follow her big brother and sister around and play with them but she also likes to do her own thing from time to time. She loves baby Abi...and sometimes she loves her too much! She is definitely a two year old and likes to do many things all by herself...she'll let you know what those things are, pretty much everything. She's not too proud to ask for help though if she really needs it. She loves to ask where people and things are that are in plain sight. She doesn't quite have a grasp on pronouns and it's super cute. "Where is you? Where is he?" are common phrases by Hannah. I couldn't tell you what her favorite things to do are because she just loves to hang out with Naomi and Micah and be a big girl. She'll play with trucks, dolls, cars, barbies, color, sing, dance and swim. She will try anything once and most things a hundred times. She still loves to climb and has recently discovered her love of jumping off things. She is such a beautiful girl with a heart that is aimed at pleasing those around her while maintaining her independence. We're so blessed that God has put sweet spunky Hannah in our family. We'd really be missing a lot without her great sense of humor, her love of cuddling and her shrill shrieks! 

I had Hannah in this dress and had just given her a bath and did her hair before we were going to leave for VBS. I asked her to get her shoes on and when she put her purple shoes on without me telling her which pair I knew I needed to capture some photos of this beauty before she grew up anymore. These following photos are the result of ten minutes outside before we left for Vacation Bible School!!

 She saw Micah behind me and this was her reaction! She loves her brother so much!!
 A classic Hannah face!

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