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laundry room make over

Thursday, January 31, 2013
My first project for my 45 days to simplify was the laundry room. This room gets used almost every day of the week (well, multiple times a day if you count all the times we go through it to get to the garage) and yet was sorely neglected. When we moved into this house last April this was kind of the room that just got the extra stuff. Stuff that didn't have a home. I love the space. It's so open and big. Lots of cabinets and a big closet...but the closet is used for MANY things. Storage. Pantry. Craft Supplies. Canning supplies. Kids memory boxes...etc. So, the first thing I did was clean out and organize the closet. It was so good to finally have a place for everything and to actually know what is in that closet is a huge relief. 

I then tackled the cabinets above the washer and rid of some things but really just made better use of the space I have in there. Then I decided on a whim to buy some paint. I've been mulling over the paint color for a while. I really wanted to do a grey, teal and yellow laundry I went to Lowe's (while Greg was out of town) picked out a color and bought a gallon of paint. Nothing like buying sight unseen to make someone commit to a paint color right? Well, the color didn't turn out exactly like I would have liked...but the color is great and I'm glad it's the one I went with!

My dad came over a couple of times to help me get everything painted while Greg was gone and when we were done painting and hung everything back on the walls it felt so clean and new and awesome! I love the color of my walls and it's just a great space now. Yes, I still have to do laundry in there but when a room is cleaned and organized it makes the not so fun task a little bit better! Now on to bigger and better things...the kitchen. I don't think we have the money in the budget just yet to do anything drastic to the kitchen but I plan on getting rid of a lot of the unused dishes and other items that migrate into the kitchen! Wish me luck. I hope to blog about my kitchen success next week!!

Here are some before and after pictures. I'm kind of a private person so for me to show you my before photos is a pretty big be nice!!


After (Valspar Sharkfin is the color on the walls)

 What have you organized this week?

Lucy, Murray and Ginny's Mom said...

Love this! and I LOVE the gray! plus, you should see what we climb around to get to our laundry at times in the shame in a mess, especially when you cleaned it up! Way to go!

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