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paper bag puppets

Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the midst of my cleaning and de-cluttering I came across a box with craft supplies for the kids. Boxes of  crayons, pads of paper, glue, stickers, craft sticks, etc and this box of paper bag puppets. Someone, sometime gave it to us. I can't even remember who. I think it was when we lived in San Antonio. I thought it was a great project for the kids but wanted them to be older. But you know what, what better time than the present right? So what if Hannah needed my help to make the cow and then proceeded to rip almost everything off the bag an hour later. So what if Naomi and Micah fought over who would get which animal and who got to use the glue stick first. They had a great time making these puppets, it kept them entertained for a good chunk of the afternoon...and then they put on little puppet shows for me and each other.

I have a few other things like this. Yes, it'd be better if they were a little bit older BUT why not just throw caution to the wind and go for it? Try a new project. De-clutter by doing a project, then they'll forget about it in a day or two and you can throw all the paper pieces away (thus de-cluttering even more), but they made great memories with them. 

This box of paper bag puppets was really great. The stickers were high quality as well as the bags and other pieces. The glue stick was great too! The kids really loved this and I'm glad I got it out when I did.

It helps to have a cute baby on hand to watch over everyone and make sure they're doing it right!
Our puppet theater was a baby gate leaning up again the door frame covered with a blanket and it worked GREAT!!

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