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what's your guess???

Sunday, September 26, 2010
I posted this at Trendy Treehouse yesterday...
so if you read it there you don't have to read it again.
I will have two different prizes, so if you want to guess again,
go ahead!

Well, I've made it to 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant.
I've only got 17 days to go.
I really thought I was going to have this baby on Friday...
but that did not happen.

So, here are some recent photos of the baby belly for you!

The top view makes it look much bigger don't you think?

I've been busy crafting, sewing and cleaning.
The nesting bug has hit me hard...and my home thanks me!
Although my house is far from clean many things that
haven't been cleaned in a while are now clean.

I love to make things for my kids.
So I thought it would be great to make some shirts
for them to wear once the baby comes.

Here they are.
I used a little steam-a-seam 2
which is a double sided fusible interfacing.
That stuff is amazing!!!!
Once ironed on it's permanent, but I chose to sew the letters down too,
to add a little more character and stability.

I did get the boys shirts finished and all sewn too!

So, here's my question...
will we need THIS combination of shirts...

or THIS combination of shirts?

Let's have a little contest!!! Shall we???
Leave a comment with your guess as to the gender of the baby
and when the baby will make its appearance.

I obviously have two kids already, a girl and a boy.
They were both born a week before their due date.
My actual due date for this baby is October 13th.
I do not know the gender of the baby.

Whoever guesses the closest to the actual birthday
and time of day (approximate) and gender
will get a small prize from me!
And when I say small I mean it, I have something fun,
but it's nothing huge or elaborate...
I will have just had a baby so you gotta cut me some slack!

Oh and whichever onesie we don't end up needing will be in my etsy store later!
Guess away!!!

Anna Maschke said...

I'm going to guess a boy, born at 1 am on October 15, because then he'll share a birthday with Josiah!

Mikaela said...

Jamie, first off I want to tell you how cute your tummy is and how beautiful you are! I just love baby bumps. They just don't get old. God sure is amazing. My guess is going to be boy, Oct. 6th, around 3 in the afternoon! Most importantly, know that I will be praying for you 'til the birthday (and beyond :O)) and can't wait to hear of the baby's arrival. Sending hugs and blessings!

Karen said...

My guess is a boy on October 1st at 2pm.

Keeping you in my prayers!


whitney said...

My guess is a GIRL! October 7, at 5:30AM :)

Unknown said...

My guess is a boy at 4pm on October 11th

Elizabeth said...

My guess is a girl. Born on October 8th at 11:11am.

Dana said...

My guess is a girl born on October 7th at 9:42 A.M. I can't wait to meet my God child - no matter what gender he/she is. The baby is a special blessing, just waiting to make it's arrival. I just hope Naomi & Micah are taking it a littl easy on you these last weeks. Make sure you rest! You will need it later.

Amy said...

My guess is a boy on October 9th at 7:05 pm. God's blessings to you and your family during these last few days/weeks!

Anonymous said...

My guess for your awesome little blessing is a little boy born on October 7 at 2pm. Good luck and God bless you, your family and that new lttle one.

Robyn W.

mlorfeld said...

My guess:
a boy
10:47 am
Roctober 12

and just for a kicker:
8 lbs 4 oz

Carrie said...

I think a boy! :) And maybe in the next week. This is fun! I'm so excited, LOVE the t-shirts!

KM said...

10-10 @ 10pm and SHE will be a girl. :):)

Anonymous said...

I say it will be a girl born on October 10 at 3:00 am -

Good Luck!

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