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camera case

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I've been having a few false alarm days...
I was at Walmart the other day during one of those moments...
and I knew we needed a new little point and shoot camera,
so I picked one up.
I got the Canon PowerShot SD1300 Digital Elph.

So far, I love it.
it is small
it doesn't have too bad of a delay,
it takes video
it will help us capture more of the everyday moments
for when the BIG camera is just too BIG.

So, I want to keep it in my purse...
but my purse could be a dangerous place for a camera...
so I decided to make a little case for my camera.
This is what I came up with.

Here's the front.

This is the back

And the front with the flap open

I made a little pocket on the inside for a memory card.
Anyone else need a new little camera case?
What little point and shoot camera do you use?

Sarah Jones said...

We have 2 of the exact camera you bought. We love them! They take a lot of abuse going from pockets, to purse, to hunting gear...they hold up great. :) Enjoy your new camera!

Art Journal & Blog said...

Ok please tell me how!! I am "sew" not good at the whole sewing thing! I so want to make one!!!! Following you hope u follow back and tell me your secret :)

KM said...

I think that is a LOVELY idea!!! I don't have a point and shoot, but I really really need a simple and small case for my DSLR. I've searched and searched on etsy, but can't find the perfect one!! but more importantly, I can't believe it's OCT and you are almost ready to meet your sweet new babes! So exciting!!!! HAPPY NESTING and SEWING until the BIG DAY!

Tara said...

That is so cute. Wish I had a cute case like that for mine. But of course it wouldn't be as cute. My camera is too big. LOL Love the fabric you used.

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