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lawn care

Monday, July 06, 2009
We don't have to mow much in south Texas because it doesn't rain much and we're under a water ban so we can't really water our grass but despite this fact we decided to hire a lawn care professional to do just a little bit of mowing.

He does a good job but the lines aren't straight.
Elisa said...

Cute. We've been happy to get a few rainy days lately. Hope you get some down there too!

mlorfeld said...

Since you have a water ban... you (Greg) may want to build a rain collection system ( then you can water the grass/garden. I've even seen systems that use shower and washer water to water the lawn... of course that's an even bigger task... but it was pretty cool.

Holly said...

I'm not sure Greg would be happy with uneven lines, so he may have to teach Micah to get it straight. :) I know that after working for a lawn company you just start to notice that kind of thing.

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