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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
I love getting the kids dressed up for church. Even though Naomi wears a dress just about every day I still enjoy picking something special for her to wear. Since she does wear a dress almost every day sometimes by Sunday I have to convince her that skirts are like dresses. She usually agrees. I also love getting Micah into something a little nicer than gym shorts and a baseball shirt (we have a ton of baseball shirts). The only problem is that Micah's selection is much smaller than Naomi's. But that's how it should be right? Anyway, I also usually try to make time to do Naomi's hair and sometimes she obliges and sits still. Here are the kids ready for church on June 28th. Just thought I'd they are so cute I can't just leave all this cuteness for myself to enjoy!

Thanks Aunt Holly for the cute outfit for Micah! We love it!
Naomi, can you peel your eyes off the TV for one second?Thanks!She's getting so big!!!She sat still long enough for two pony tails but not long enough for braided pony tails.I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and when I looked through the window this is what I saw. She must have been tired still. Oh and what's on TV? The Biscuit Brothers. It's a show made in Austin and all about music. It's only on on Sunday mornings and we only get to watch half the show because we have to leave for church before it's over but it's a great show!

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