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wall collage

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
After we got Micah's canvas up in his room I knew I had some other photos that I wanted to hang as well. I had a 12x16 that was already hanging on the wall and it looked lonely. I knew that I wanted to do a wall collage with different sized frames and photos. I was blog surfing one day and came across this great idea for hanging a wall collage easily. I'm sorry that I didn't keep track of which blog it was from but please know this is not my original idea. If I come across it again I will link it here.
Anyway, the way I did this was to trace the frame onto a piece of paper and then with a crayon I marked where the hanger was. It was easier on some than others. Then I taped those pieces of paper on my wall where I wanted them hung. Then I just drove my nail through that piece of paper right where the hanger on the back of the frame was. Then I took the papers down and hung up my frames. And they were all in the correct place. Simple as that.

I have since added the photo in the 8x10 frame.
My little helper watches on in delight as I make his room even more fun!

Next project for Micah's room...the t-shirt quilt.

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