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memorial day weekend

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Our dear friends Scott and Kimi and their two boys came down from Dallas to spend the long Memorial Day weekend with us. We were so happy to have them here and hated to see them go on Tuesday. We had so much fun with them and their boys but it was also a tiring weekend.
They got in late on Friday night and Matthew was ready to go. We played with him for a bit before he crashed and it was so great to meet sweet little JJ (Josiah Jakin). Saturday morning we were all awake before we wanted to be. Greg made pancakes while we played and I got ready for my senior session with Krista. I went to my photoshoot and everyone else was at home but soon Greg had to leave for a hospital visit and to do some work. So Kimi and Scott held down the fort.

That evening Greg and I watched all the kids so Kimi and Scott could go on a much needed date! First date for them since JJ was born. Around 9:30pm we heard Naomi crying. I went to check on her and the second I cracked the door open I knew why she was crying. The smell of vomit permiated the air. It was strong. It was disgusting. Poor girl. I ran and got Greg to come and help me clean everything up. Luckily it was just on the bed and not the carpet. We got her cleaned up but didn't know if she was "done" so we kept her up and cuddled with her on the couch. When Kimi and Scott got back they went to check on Matthew and he was covered in vomit too but he fell back asleep. Crazy kid! ha! Apparently he used to do that a lot when he was younger and just got used to it. This was only the second time Naomi was sick. She was running a temperature but nothing worth calling the doctor over. The only conclusion that we could come to was the small can of peaches that Naomi and Matthew shared.

Naomi and I had a miserable night. Since we still didn't know if she was okay or not we set up our extra mattress and her little princess bed in the living room. She was out cold from about 11:15 till 1:30 and from then on the evening was a nightmare. She was tossing and turning...she wanted to sleep in the computer chair with me, she wanted to sleep on the couch with me, she wanted to sleep on the rocking chair with me, anywhere but her bed. We slept a little bit on and off till about 6am when Kimi woke up to feed JJ. Then we went back to her bedroom for a little bit. Of course by the time we were all awake she was running around as if nothing happened. And I was dragging because I hadn't slept all night. ugh! kids! ha!

Sunday, I took the kids to church and headed to Bible Class. Greg had an amazing Bible class. He is such an amazing teacher, it's just so awesome to watch him in his element. Scott and Kimi joined us for church. After lunch and naps, Greg and I headed to a graduation party for Mikaela. Her dad is Greg's mentor and she has babysat the kids a few times when we have PALS gatherings. Then Greg and I got to go on a date. We headed to Canyon Cafe and it was awesome. Kari recommended this resturant and we were not disappointed. The chips are A-MAZING! Then we walked around Borders for a bit before heading home. No puking kids to come home to so that was good.

Monday morning after yummy waffles we headed to the San Antonio Children's Museum. We had lots of fun and enjoyed all the different areas. We found a "secret" room and played there for a while and then discovered that there was a lower level. The lower level is where Naomi probably would have spent all day if we had known about it earlier. There is a little HEB grocery store down there. Complete with produce, shopping carts, baskets, food and scanners that actually work. She was loving it. But the fun ended all too soon. We got a membership so we will be going back often! The kids were wipped out and so were we. The girls were supposed to go out but Kimi had a migraine so we just layed low at home and let the guys take care of the kiddos.

They headed home late Tuesday morning after a little photo shoot with JJ, but we wish they could have stayed longer. It was a great visit. We had some awesome and much needed catching up and conversations. It's always great to be with friends whom you know so well. We can't wait till we get to hang out again!!! Thanks for making the trip Scott and Kimi, we're so glad we can be your "vacation" destination!

Enjoy lots of photos from the weekend below!

Here's Naomi on Friday before our guests came. She loves to wear her "beautiful outfit", can't you tell by the look on her face?!
Naomi and Matthew getting reaquainted on the couch in front of Saturday morning cartoons.Naomi LOVES baby JJ!Matthew, Kimi, JJ and Scott hanging out!Matthew was checking out the rain. It rained three out of the four days they were here.Matthew and Naomi had a great time wearing each others shoes and just hanging out together.Scott read the big kids a book or two before bed on Sunday night.Two Naomi's is one too many! ha!
Cutest luggage I've ever seen.Man, he sure is tall (the guy in back).Aww!Checking out at the grocery store. Greg did you miss your calling? ha! NO!Cute little Matthew!Check out more of JJ's photoshoot here.

Micah LOVES Kimi, he kept crawling up in her lap and giving her kisses throughout the weekend.My handsome men!

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