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card table tent

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
I have been dreaming about the card table playhouse for my kids for a while now. And I finally did something about it. I made the dream a reality in my own way. We got the card table out last week and threw some blankets over it. The blankets were dark and hot. So, I decided it would probably be better with some sheets. I knew that I had some thrift store sheets just waiting to be used for something so I got those out and threw them over the table. The kids loved it.

I decided to take things one step further. I wanted to make a tent that actually fit on the table and something that could be easily put away. I thought up the design in my head and took some measurements and two nights later I had this card table tent all ready for the kids to play with.
It is by NO means perfect.
The sides aren't all the same length.
The patterns don't exactly match.
But, my kids and I could care less.

They LOVE playing in their new tent and ask for it to be set up everyday (because I like to have my living room back in the evening).

How did I make it? Well, I measured the length and width of the sides and cut two pieces of old sheets for each side. I sewed them right sides together with a ribbon at 10 and 20 inches on both sides. Then I turned them right side out. (I was thinking about top stitching all the sides but didn't feel it was really necessary and I didn't want this project to take me forever.) For the top I used a whole twin sheet. It worked out perfectly to fold the two edges to the middle and sew those down. Then I cut the sheet where it was ending on the table. I sewed a hem in the cut edges and the rest was already finished off because it's a sheet so that made it simple. Then I sewed the three sides onto the top/front piece and I was good to go. Usually when people make these things they make it so the stitching is down but I like it on top and if I really wanted to I could turn it's sorta reversible. I left a big chunk of fabric in the front because we like to put it on chairs and it makes the tent even bigger. It's sorta like an awning!

So, for a huge fraction of the cost of a felt card table playhouse I made my very own. My kids love it and I'm proud that I could make something with just ideas in my head and turn it into a reality. Plus, I can easily wash this and it cost me about 5 dollars to make! Yay! Now, go make your own!

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