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bath and jammies

Monday, June 08, 2009
Bath time is a fun time in our house.
You can't give just one kid a bath.
If one kid is in there the other one will be too, very soon.
Even if they still have their clothes on.
New jammies are a treasure in our house. Naomi LOVES to have new jammies and will insist on wearing them for nap time the first couple of days as well. It's a good thing I love new jammies for the kids too. Just found these cute ones the other day! Here are some shots from a little post-bath pre-bed play time!

Holly said...

I see Dana must have given Micah the same toy she gave to Noah for his birthday, the fun basketball set for the bath tub. My boys love it and sometimes end up having disputes over who get which ball. Silly boys!!

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