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so much

Sunday, May 17, 2009
So much to update...
So little time...

Coming back home was not as easy on the airplanes as going but we survived! And I think the people around us survived too. We got back to reality and settled in and shared our sickness with Greg...he was out of commission all day Thursday. I have lots of pictures to share from the rest of the vacation...Fri-Sun but that will have to wait...I have to get the kids ready for church and by kids, I mean Micah. He's still sleeping. He's been sleeping in later lately and I'm loving it. Hope the nursery workers don't mind feeding him breakfast, if he sleeps much later that's what they'll have to do.

We're going up to Waco today to see Kristin and her boys...oh and Pastor Bob and Dr. Sandy too! So excited!

I'll be back late Monday night or Tuesday with some photos. For now, browse around and read some posts from the early days! For now, here's a small sneak peak...

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