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for daddy (greg)

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Hi daddy,
We're having a good time here at grammy and papa's house. We're playing in boxes.
Eating mommy's old toys.Walking around all the furniture.Hanging out in the chairs.Driving around to different places.Smiling lots for mommy.We're playing outside lots and love grammy and papa's puppy.
Grammy and auntie Julie are reading us lots of books.We're playing on the porch,and learning how to climb down the front step.
We're climing the small tree out front,and making sure to drink our milk.We're visiting some friends, getting reaquaintedand watching them make silly faces.All while smiling again for mommy's camera and looking cute.

We're making some new friends and having fun playing with our friends and their toys!Sometimes we even fall asleep in the car because we've had so much fun at all the places we go.We miss you daddy and wish you could hang out with us in Wisconsin. We hope you're learning a lot in St. Louis and we can't wait to see you when we get home!
Naomi and Micah

tiapugh said...

As they are getting older they are looking more and more alike! Amazing!

Have fun in WI!

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