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familiar faces

Sunday, March 22, 2009
This has been the week of familiar faces...which has been SO nice! We love to see old friends and to reconnect and we were able to do that on more than one occasion this past week.

Thursday night brought the Concordia, Mequon Juarez Mission team through San Antonio. Now, if you're good at geography you know that San Antonio is not on the way to Juarez. Well, they actually had to go to a new location this year because Juarez just isn't safe anymore for those types of mission trips. So, they went to Del Rio, Texas and crossed over the border into Acuna, Mexico. The team built two houses and had a great week. They stayed at Mt. Calvary on Thursday night and we went and had dinner with our old professors. It was so great to catch up and spend some time with some familiar faces.
Friday night was trivia night for the Lutheran High School of San Antonio. Greg and I went and were at a table with three other Pastors and their wives. We had a great time and came in third place. We would have tied for first but on two different occasions people got up from the table and when they came back they told us the correct answer but AFTER the sheet was turned in. Oh well, it was a lot of fun!
Saturday was Olivia's birthday party which was a lot of fun. I'll post about that later. But after the party I was able to go out for a little girls night. My friend Erin (from Sem life) was in town from Houston to help Kari with wedding things and they went to Stone Werks for a late dinner and I met them there after the kids were in bed. We sat around talking for a couple of hours and let me just tell was awesome. It was so great to see Erin again, to hang out with Kari and to meet Bethany again. I really enjoy having conversations with people outside of my church but face to face. Does that make sense? I have to be a little guarded in my conversations with people that are members of Mt. Calvary, but when I am with my other friends I can sort of let go and just be me. I can be me with my other friends from back home but you certainly miss something when it's not face to face. Thanks Erin, Kari and Bethany for a great night of laughs and girl talk!!!

This afternoon Jordan and his parents stopped by for a visit. It was nice to see their familiar faces again too. Judith and Ed had not seen the kids since last May so they look a lot different to them now. They of course spoiled us with dinner and a few books for Naomi! They know her so well! Thanks Judith, Ed and Jordan for coming to hang out with us and for the yummy chinese food! Thanks for the books too, Naomi loves them! Oh and thanks Jordan for putting Naomi to bed, I'm sure she'll be talking about it all week!
Anna Maschke said...

I would love to have dinner with Erin and Kari! I looks like that was fun!

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