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a birthday party and felt pizza

Sunday, March 22, 2009
We went to Olivia's fifth birthday party on Saturday night. We had a great time at the Carnival and enjoyed some games, prizes and time with friends. Naomi wanted to go swimming in the pool for the duck game and decided to drop her drawers and go for a swim...don't worry we stopped her from taking all her clothes off! Micah was in his stroller all night since he can't walk but loved watching all the big kids play. The little boys were wearing their "uniforms", red and white or blue striped shirts! I love that little Kia wears Naomi's old clothes, it's so cool to see those clothes again and brings back good memories and they look really cute on her too! Amy gets to see Sophia's clothes all over again too on Naomi....I LOVE HANDME DOWNS! Okay, here's some photos of the kids having fun! I decided on Tuesday night that I wanted to attempt to make Olivia a felt pizza. So, on Wednesday I got the supplies I needed and set to work. I love felt food and thought that it couldn't be too hard to make and I was right! I had a great time creating this felt pizza and can't wait to make more! The initial pieces took a while to finish but I had fun while doing it. I am really happy with how the pizza turned out and can't wait to make more. I have had comments about making more and selling them. I'll think about it but my time is valuable so it would have to be worth my time. What would you pay for a felt pizza?
Anonymous said...

Ok.. I know my kids would totally love this pizza. They play "kitchen" all the time! I am thinking I would probably be willing to pay around $20 for something like this. I don't know how you do it, but I would love to be able to make this!

Susan Wilke

Casey said...

I'm thinking that we may need to get in a little craft time when I am down for the week. Any projects you have really wanted to tackle? I'm up for anything!

Katherine Marie! said...

I ADORE this PIZZA!!!!! It is BEYOND CUTE... ohhhh this so make me want to learn how to sew! I ordered a felt pizza from ETSY at Christmas and it wasn't nearly this cute. I really like how you have a place for the toppings on the lid--- how perfect. And the custom box... neat neat neat! Our toppings have already disappeared. :( Have you thought about selling these? I think folks would go crazy for them. Especially people like me who adore handmade, but don't know how to handle a needle and thread! :):)

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