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busy week

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Last week was a bit of a busy week in our house. Last week was Spring Break for most of the schools in SA and wouldn't you know it that the one week that it decides to rain almost all week is Spring Break week. I feel bad for those kids who were cooped up inside for their spring break.

Monday we spent the morning outside raking leaves and taking care of the yard (we don't do this as often as we should). It felt good to get outside and it was comfortable weather to work in. Naomi was a big help and loved throwing, raking and bagging the leaves with us! We went to Red Lobster for lunch with a gift card Greg received for his birthday. After naps Naomi found my ace bandage and had fun making everything better. She's got a great imagination!
Must have been something good on tv.
Tuesday and Thursday the kids got to play with Sarah at our house so that I could get some organizing and cleaning done. I am so thankful that Sarah was willing to spend two mornings at our house with the kids. They had a blast playing with her and I got a LOT accomplished! I wish every week was spring break!
Friday morning the kids went over to Amy's house for the morning and I got the big bookshelves and furniture moved around and situated. I got to vacum without freaking Micah out and it was just a nice opportunity to be in my house alone (trust me, it doesn't happen often and I cherish those quiet moments alone but not as much as the ones filled with my awesome family!) Susan and Steve came over Friday evening to drink some of Greg's homebrew and Steve even got to help Greg bottle the next batch! Thanks for hanging out with us you two...we had a good time and hope we got Steve hooked on homebrewing too!!! Susan, you're welcome ;). ha!Naomi got a new bookshelf from a family at church and I claimed her white one from Target for my craft items in my room. I just have to finish organizing all my stuff now.Saturday morning I went to Kari's bridal shower which was lots of fun! Micah and I went to run an errand in the afternoon since he didn't seem to want to nap and then after dinner Naomi and Greg went to the grocery store because Greg had a craving for sweets. He made two desserts and they were awesome. If I have time later I'll post the recipes. The first one he made was really simple but so yummy! it's called oooey gooey dessert and it is just that. And then he made his first ever Caramel Apple Pie! It turned out really good and he only had to run back to the store one time to get a different kind of caramel. After church today we got to dig into the pie and it was really good. After tasting the pie it was hard to believe that it was his first one, what a man!!! I've yet to make one...but someday! We enjoyed a nice day at home today...and we all got naps! It was nice to be able to open the doors again today, it had been chilly all week. Okay, I know I'm going to get c-r-a-p for saying that but when you go from 80's one day to 50's and then 40's it is pretty cold. I know for you up north if it was 40 you'd probably have shorts on but it's all in relationship to what you've got I guess. So, maybe we'll have a warmer week but please no 90's again, I'm just not ready for that! Have a great week. Oh and canvas options are coming soon! hopefully!

Oh and since I'm updating on things let's do a little potty training re-cap. Naomi is out of diapers during the day and pretty much could be at nap but I'm probably the one not ready yet. She doesn't really tell me when she needs to go she just holds it till I put her on the potty. Any ideas to get her to actually tell me? I checked out the 3daypottytraining site and I'm just not sure that it's not a scam...know what I mean. Does anyone have any solid books that have good ideas on this subject. Tami and Susan W, I know you've done this before and pretty recently do you have any tips for me? She does pretty good but she's known to #2 in her pants a lot lately and that drives me nuts. She's not afraid of the toilet, in fact she likes it. I think she just gets so involved in playing that she doesn't want to stop for the inconvieince of the toilet. She's a smart girl, I'm sure she knows what she's doing but I don't know how to get her to open up about it and tell me more often. We'll figure it out, as Susan said, she won't go to college in diapers so, no worries!

Okay, this post is way too long, I get back to work!
mlorfeld said...

Glad to hear Greg has started homebrewing... it is very rewarding (and a money saver... eventually). It's a hobby that you gradually upgrade as you want to get more and more advanced. A great book for him might be The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian.

Greg said...

Thanks, Matt...already got it!

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