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surprise party

Sunday, February 22, 2009
On Saturday night I threw my husband his sixth surprise birthday party.
Not six in one night.
Not six in six years.
But six within the ten years that we've known each other. Each one was different, with different people, different stories leading him there but each one was successful. This one was a little less dramatic but fun none-the-less. There were three people there to surprise him but we still had a great time hanging out and laughing. The night started out with Greg, his best friend Jordan, and I going out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was nice to go out, just the three of us (it's been a LONG time since that has happened). Then we went home and had the party, and some really yummy chocolate cake. It was a fun night and I hope Greg was at least a little surprised! Happy 30th Birthday babe! I love you!I made a gift bag for Greg's present from a fat quarter of fabric and some ribbon! I think I'll do this more often, really saves from wasting more paper!N helped her daddy blow out his candles!

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