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baby blankets

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Last night I took the time after the kids were in bed (and after we watched 24) to sew some baby blankets. This was a very simple project but I just love the way they turned out. The fabric is so cute, I don't want to part with them. But I'm happy to be able to spread the love and send them to little ones that I love! I used a half yard of two fabrics and stitched them wrong sides together, leaving a small opening to turn them right side out. I've made pillows before and didn't really know how to close them properly, so last night I got online and found a tutorial for stitching things like that closed. I guess if you sew a lot it seems silly that I didn't know how to close them properly but I've really just taught myself a lot of the things I do. So, I used a blindstitch and I'm really happy with the way it finished off the blankets.I am so excited that they turned out pretty good. They may be a bit small but I envision them being used more as lap blankets for the stroller or car seat, or somethinng like that. I hope the little ones who receive these in the mail really like them as much as I do. M is sleeping with his right now. Hopefully the jungle animals won't wake him up!

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