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we are family

Thursday, January 01, 2009
It's been so awesome to spend time with family. We are having lots of fun just hanging out and being together. We went to the Wild Animal Park on Monday and enjoyed the animals and the lights. I remember going there when I was younger but it wasn't as "built up" then as it is now. We opened gifts after we got back from the Wild Animal park but put Naomi to bed before we were finished so she opened the rest of her gifts on Wed. We spent Tuesday morning recovering from the terrible night of "jet lag" and the lack of sleep for everyone. The guys went to the Holiday Bowl and spent most of the day there. So, us ladies just hung out at home with the kiddos. Tuesday night was a better night for sleeping.
Wednesday (New Year's Eve) we had our big lunch and then took naps! We played some games had yummy appetizers for dinner and lots of goodies for dessert. We really had fun with the games and just being silly! Just leave it up to our family to be crazy (behind closed doors of course). We rang in the new year and went to bed! Ahh! I'll share more pictures later but it's time for brunch. This afternoon we're heading to Balboa Park to do our family photos. I've very excited!!!
Here are some photos of papa, grammy, aunts and uncles with the kids. My mom took some of them and I took some of them.

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