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lily and brewer

Thursday, January 01, 2009
Just wanted to share some photos of my beautiful niece, Lily. She's a very happy and smily baby and she loves to coo and stick out her tongue. Naomi is infatuated with her and keeps saying, "her my cousin". We are so glad we were able to celebrate her two month birthday with her. What a sweet girl! I know there will be more photos of her taken and I'll share them later!
Naomi is also having a great time with Brewer. She wakes up every morning and says, "he loves me." She loves to "walk" him and chase him around the house and outside. She always needs to know where Brewer is and what he's doing. Poor Brewer is going to need a vacation from our vacation! Micah didn't like Brewer at first but seemed to warm up pretty quickly to him. He doesn't like the kisses a whole lot but he will actually crawl to Brewer now and doesn't cry anymore when Brewer comes close to him.

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