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laundry room

Sunday, January 25, 2009
For those of you who have never been to my house you may think nothing of these photos. But to those of you who may notice a bit of a change. The laundry room (which is right off the kitchen, seperated only by a small pocket door) was our dumping grounds for quite some time...well, since the machines were put in place there by the nice people from Home Depot actually. It wasn't always the same stuff that covered the floor and the top of the dryer but it seemed as if there was always something there. Now, it's clean, and I like it that way and I want to keep it that way. I think that nothing really has a "home" in there it shouldn't be a problem to keep things out of there...we'll see, check back in a month or so and see how I'm doing. Just thought I'd share. I don't mind doing laundry as much any more now that my energy is not drained by looking at piles of stuff!!!
The door on the left goes out to the garage. I finally found a place for the diaper bag. Where does everyone else store their "ready-to-go" diaper bag?

Casey said...

Great work! Way to organize! The Fly-Lady has some good tips, but all of the e-mails drove me nuts after awhile, so I had to stop the subscription. I do have to say that almost nothing makes me feel as calm as a clean and organized house. Hence, I spent 7 hours cleaning mine this weekend. I know, I know..I'm a bit OCD.

Rachel Hill said...

Looks great! Love the laundry pictures in the laundry room!

The Harvalas said...

I/we leave our diaper bag in the front entry. I love the pictures of the kids in your laundry room too, sometimes I wish we had an actual laundry room instead of the machines just down in our unfinished ugly basement.

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