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Sunday, January 25, 2009
I found a great homeschooling fact, I've found a few that I really like. I was very excited because on these websites are calendars of things to do with your kids and ideas for different projects. That means, I didn't have to do all the work with coming up with a curriculm for N to follow. This was a huge lifesaver and lifted a lot of stress off my back because I've been wanting to be more intentional with her play time lately!

The first thing that we did was glue a bunch of circles onto a piece of cardboard. I think this was the first time that N used a glue bottle. She has used glue sticks before but this was something new. She really loved to squeeze out A LOT of glue and so I had to spread it out over many circles. I had to resist the urge to tell her where to place the circles at some points. But I really just let her be creative and put them wherever she wanted to, and I really like what she came up with. We talked about the colors of the circles and the shape but I don't she really gets those concepts yet. When I asked her what shape it was she said blue. But, that will come. For now, she learned how to glue, I learned how to let her do it all by herself and we both learned how fun it is to do projects together!
Today we took daddy's poker chips and sorted them by color. It took her a minute to understand what she was supposed to do but once she got it she sorted the chips pretty quickly!
Rachel Hill said...

Can you post links to the websites? Thanks!

Jon and Lani said...

i'd love to know about the websites too! :) thanks!

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