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merry christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I hope that you all have an amazing Christmas! We are so excited to get out to San Diego, shower Lily with some cousin lovin', get out of SA for a little bit and just be with family! We aren't leaving till Monday but we're looking forward to spending time with my family for about a week. Yay! We also hope to see some of our friends from the Sem who are out there! If you'd like to read our Christmas letter online you may do so here. I will post LOTS of things in the coming weeks. I have lots of handmade Christmas presents that I can't wait to share with everyone. But first, they must be given...since just about everyone in both families read this blog. If I have time I'll prepare some posts and you can see them while I'm away...then it won't really be like I'm fun is that!?

We don't have huge plans for Christmas...we're going to have Jenny over and Nick is also coming over. Nick is new to San Antonio and to our church...but the funny thing is, we went to highschool together. Small world hey?! We will open our family gifts on Christmas morning since Christmas Eve would get too late for the kids. We're looking forward to their excitement and I can't wait for Greg to open his gift from me....I hope he likes it! Okay, I'm boring you now I know. I better get going anyway, I have a few more gifts to finish! Have a blessed Christmas and an amazing 2009!!!!

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