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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I made pajamas for my niece and nephews for Christmas this year. I had the idea when I was walking through the JoAnn fabrics near my house that was closing. All their fabric was on clearance because they wanted to get rid of everything rather than having to move it. I found this fabric and fell in love and thought it would make some great pj's for all the kiddos. I got a pattern and some help from a friend at church but once the first pair was done I was able to do the rest myself. It feels good to accomplish something like that and to be able to create something that people will wear. I still need to make some for my kids but at least I got the others done on time. I also really like doing the freezer paper stencils so I made "personalized" t-shirts as well. The kids really liked then but I missed seeing their faces when they opened their pj's! Maybe next time!
For A!For M!For NFor E!All the kids in their pj's!

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