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Tuesday, December 02, 2008
I'm going to try and fill you in on what's been going on around here. Jordan, I'm not going to tell you how many loads of laundry I've done or what books we've read (ha!) but I will give the fun details! Here we go...
Thanksgiving was very fun. Grandma and grandpa T got here on Tuesday night. Wednesday we just had fun hanging out and they took the kiddos on a walk. They watched the kids while I went on my photoshoot with Mikaela...check it out here. We went to church on Wednesday night (Greg preached) and the kids did pretty good in church that late at night. After church Naomi kept talking about going home and eating lunch...because that's what we do after church (normally) so I think she was confused when we went home and she had to go to bed!

Thanksgiving was a great day. I cooked all the food and had a great time doing so. Want to know the menu? Two kinds of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn with cherries, stuffing, bread, cranberry-pear relish, and pie (pumpkin, apple and peach). I didn't bake the pies but did everything else. Naomi and grandpa made the pumpkin pie on Wednesday and it was ALL Naomi could talk about. She wanted to eat pie at every meal and every snack time and didn't understand why she had to wait. I was hoping she wouldn't be dissapointed by the pie...but she wasn't she LOVED it and of course wanted more!

Our friend (Pastor...that's what Naomi calls him)Tom, from Pearsall joined us and so did Jordan (his parents were visiting Jacob in AZ).
Doesn't every kid need a picture of themselves stuffing their face on Thanksgiving? Well, now Naomi has hers!!! She ate everything on her plate by the way.Micah and his godfather! Uncle J!We played games in the living times! And our friend Susan joined us for games later in the evening.On "black Friday" we put up our Christmas decorations. It helped to have grandma there to play with the kids while we put some of the stuff up. But Naomi wanted to get in on decorating the tree and I'm so glad she did. She did great and with a little help from us big people I think she got a lot on the tree and had fun while doing it. Greg and Gary put lights on the outside of the house too. First time for put lights on the outside. I'll try and get a photo of the lights sometime. I did venture out to do a little shopping. Kohl's had a great sale on something that I needed a lot of for some Christmas presents and I couldn't pass up the deal. I could have passed on the line though. I waited in line for an hour. But, I didn't mind it too much since I didn't have to wrangle any children while I waited. I found some great deals while I waited in line too and did more shopping while I was in line than before I even got there. Seriously though how can you pass up chutes and ladders for four bucks! Anyway, after the kids napped we had our "christmas dinner" which was very nice (and yes it included some leftovers...but not many). Then we were going to go to the Riverwalk to see the lights but the traffic was HORRIBLE! We would have been waiting a LONG time to get down there so we decided to just head home. Once we finally made it home we opened Christmas presents from grandma and grandpa. We got some great gifts...lots of Cardinals gear and the kids got some fun toys and cute clothes as well. Thanks for spoiling us once again grandma and grandpa!! On Saturday we just spent some time hanging out in the morning and then we went to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. They told the waitress that it was my birthday so of course I got the huge chocolate cake (there goes my diet) and it was delicious. I only ate 1/4 of it so that's good. But I could go for another piece right now. That's my place to go for my birthday, no other resturant gives such great free desserts for birthdays....and if you know of one please enlighten me! Greg and Naomi took gma and gpa to the airport around 5pm and then we just hung out the rest of the evening. The best chocolate cake...dare I say, ever!
What fun advertising...this is on their catering van.
Thanks for coming to visit us all gma and gpa...we had a great time and can't wait till we get to see you again!Is this 1985?Sunday was a pretty low-key day...I had a family photoshoot at 3pm (you can see some of the shots here) and we made homemade pizzas again for dinner. I also had a shoot Monday morning, which you can see here. We went shopping Monday to get an advent wreath and have really enjoyed doing advent devotions with Naomi and trying to explain what Christmas is all about. She doesn't really get it but it's fun anyway. When I ask her what Christmas is about she usually points in the living room and says, "christmas tree". We'll get there...she's only two!
Do you remember making these little diarama things when you were little. These are from Lutheran Brotherhood...they found a box of them when they were cleaning out the old house on the church property that is going to be torn down soon. So Greg gave them to all the kids at his children's message on Sunday. We put this one in Naomi's room and she loves to talk to baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph.
Wow! You made it all the way to the end... go ahead, pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.
The Harvalas said...

Ahh yes, the punch out manger scene things! We got them every year and always had to put them together right away.

Rachel Hill said...

You guys are looking skinny on the pictures! How much weight have you lost?! We had very similar Thanksgivings! Lots of cooking and photoshoots and time spent with in-laws! We put up our tree too and had Christmas dinner (but ours WAS leftovers!) followed by present opening on Friday! Unfortunately not much Cardinal gear was involved :) wrong set of grandparents for that...

Holly said...

Hey does Greg still have extras of those manger scenes? I do remember putting those together. They also had an Easter one too if I remember right. Glad you guys had a good time for Thanksgiving.

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