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eight months

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Can't believe that Micah is eight months old already. He's growing so much and getting more and more mobile. He's doing the army crawl right now with one arm. He sorta throws his right arm back to propel himself but then uses his left arm to pull himself forward. He rolls all over the place and will stay on his hands and knees if you put him there...but he can't get there by himself yet. He can sit for a while now but if he sees something he wants or gets distracted he falls over. He is finally eating solids much better and we're starting to venture past the cereal. He loves banans and apples so far but not so much love for the avacado and sweet potatoes. I will keep trying though. He's such a happy baby and rarely cries unless his sister is hurting him or if he finds that he's all alone in a room. He's starting to experience some seperation anxiety. He's not sleeping through the night and this is bothering me. Not sure if I should let him cry it out or keep feeding him. When I go to check on him to make sure he doesn't have an arm or leg through the slats in his crib I can hear his stomach growl so I feel bad and feed him. I guess he'll sleep through the night eventually right? He's such an amazing little boy and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives!
All together now...awww! What a sweet moment!

Hi everybody!What are you doing mom?I thought it was the first all day so I didn't take his calendar picture or weigh and measure him but I'll make sure to do so tomorrow!

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