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pizza night

Monday, November 17, 2008
Sunday night is pizza night in our house. It's kind of a "tradition" that we are carrying on from when I was little. I loved Sunday nights and looked forward to them. Mom would pop a pizza or two into the oven, we would set up TV trays in the living room and once the pizza was ready we'd watch the Disney movie that was on. Do you remember when they used to have a Sunday night Disney movie on? Those were the days. I wish they still did that!
Anyway, we've carried the tradition on, simply because it's fun and who wants to cook on Sunday anyway? We have always talked about making our own pizzas last night we did. I did buy pre-made crust which just made the process a whole lot easier (I do plan on making my own crust someday)...Naomi had fun sprinkling the cheese and placing the ham and pineapple on the pizza. She was ready to eat it right away. But when we gave her the oven mits and she turned on the light in the oven she had a good time waiting for the pizza. What a good family memory...I hope we can do more of this make our own pizza stuff. It's not the cheapest way to have pizza on Sunday nights but it creates the best memories!

Someday Micah will enjoy this tradition with us...but for now, he just enjoys being in the same room as us and watching us do whatever it is we're doing!
Casey said...

We had a very similar tradition at my house but instead of pizza, Sunday night was popcorn (real air-popped with real butter and salt, not microwave) and kool-aid night. We also watched the Disney Family Movie together. Can you remember what t.v. show was on immediately before the Disney movie of the week? I'll give you a clue: "O ba di, O ba da......"

Rachel Hill said...

I love this picture of Micah!

Jamie said...

Ah, yes, Casey I remember "Life Goes On" and sometimes it was Wonder Years and sometimes even Sledge Hammer. Does anyone else remember sledge hammer? Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Elisa said...

Looks like fun! I loved those Sunday night Disney movies too...too bad they don't do that anymore.

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