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happy easter

Saturday, March 22, 2008
We were able to take part in our first official Easter egg hunt as a family today. We made resurrection rolls, resurrection eggs (that tell the story of the crucifixion) watched a skit about Easter by the clown brigade, hunted for Easter eggs and then had lunch all at church. It was a great event put on by the youth group...and there was even a bunny head pinata!

We weren't sure how Naomi would do with the whole find an egg put it in your basket thing, but she was a champ. She went right to it and put all the eggs she could see in her basket. She didn't mind if other kids came and took the ones she was trying to get, but we'd put one down for her too. Then Jake, who helped "hide" the eggs showed us where to go where no one else was and where there were lots of eggs. So Naomi got a little jackpot and had a good time picking them all up. She was so excited to see what was in the eggs but we tried to beat her to the punch and take out the candy (I know, I'm no fun!). She had a great time taking all the eggs out of her basket and putting them back in. It was so much fun to watch her experience her first Easter Egg hunt. Next year she'll be teaching her brother how to do it! Can't wait! I feel like such a mom. Walking around with my camera trying to make sure the bigger kids don't take all the eggs so she can have some fun I'm growing up! It's crazy!
Where'd they go?
There's nothing in this egg, just like there was nothing in the tomb!
We pray that your Easter is blessed and that the truth of this special day is alive in your life!

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