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kiddie park

Thursday, October 21, 2010
The other place that we took the kids for the first time
while my mom was in town,
was the local Kiddie Park.
(although I can't prove it since she's not in any of the pics)

A kind, sweet, woman from church bought the kids
wrist bands for the unlimited rides,
along with t-shirts and Christmas ornaments.

We took them on Monday...the day before Hannah was born.
At first Naomi wanted NOTHING to do with this place.
She thought the rides looked scary and were too noisy.

Micah was excited though and wanted to go on the rides right away.
Once we got him on one ride Naomi wasn't going to be outdone by her little brother,
so she tried one out, loved it and THEN they had a great time going on all the rides.

Can you see Hannah in this photo?

This is the last photo I have of me pregnant!

It was a fun day!
We went out for lunch after the park
and then my mom watched the kids so Greg and I
could have one more date night!
We went to a great movie.
It was a great day before becoming a family of 5!
Sophie said...

looks like everyone had tons of fun. I miss doing that with the kids who now think they are all too old for that.

Theresa said...

Wow, you sure did it considering you were ready to give birth any day! Looks like lots of fun.

KM said...

What a fantastic memory of the DAY BEFORE YOU WERE FIVE!!!!!!!

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