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mini golf

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
My mom came for a visit at the beginning of October...
from the 5th till the 12th.
Do you remember when Hannah was born...
the 12th.
My mom was in the air on the way home
when Hannah was born.
We're BUMMED that the little lady didn't come sooner,
but we're excited that my mom was able to be here
with us for a week anyway.

She read lots of books to the kids,
did lots of dishes and dusting,
played outside with the kids,
took us out for dinner,
and went with us on two
FIRST time excursions with the kids.

The first one was mini-golf.

The kids really seemed to like it!
And picked it up pretty quickly,
although they both have their own way of playing the game.

Here's how Micah plays mini-golf
Step 1) Get help from dad for first stroke

Step 2) Put ball directly in front of the hole

Step 3) Hit the ball in and get another 2 on the score sheet

Naomi's method:
hit the ball as many times as you want, they only count to 6 right?

We stepped inside to show Naomi and Micah the ice rink.
The zamboni was just finishing its work.
Greg told Naomi he's bring her ice skating for their "I" date in April!
She's so excited and can't stop talking about it.

It was a great time playing mini golf with the kids
and creating new memories with grammy!
Theresa said...

Grandmas are so special. What a blessing!

Theresa said...
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