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dallas weekend

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Haven't been around much lately have I?
Well, I've had a good excuse...sorta.
Just feeling lazy last week and not interested in blogging.
Then on Thursday night we left for a weekend in Dallas.
My cousin Adam got married!!!
It was so great to be there for his wedding
(we went to highschool and college together and
I am only 5 months older than him so it was great to see him again)

Along with being able to witness Adam and Chelsea's wedding
we were able to see my brother and his family
(whom we haven't seen in like 18 months)
and my parents were there and lots of other family members.
It was so great to hang out with my family...
just wish my sister and her hubs would have been able to come down.

So, without further adieu...
here's our weekend in photos...
Friday night we went to the Rangers vs Yankees game
the kids stayed with some friends of was nice to have a kid free night!
The game went into extra innings but I made Greg take us ladies home
after the 11th inning...I was tired!

We stayed at my sister-in-laws parents place...
this is the view from their 13th floor condo.

Saturday Greg woke up early to go golfing with my dad and bro,
I got to sleep in and didn't have to worry about kids...
it was A-MAZE-ing...Thanks Eric and Heather!!!!

My mom, Lily and I drove the hour to Ft. Worth to pick up the kids
and then back to Dallas for lunch.
Tried to get the kids to nap...wasn't happening...oh well...
then we continued to hang around the condo till wedding time.

Come back tomorrow for wedding pics and stories...
yes, I'm going to make you wait...
it's my blog I'll do what I want!

And in totally unrelated news...
I'm starting to get the nesting bug,
just a little at a time because I'm so tired after I clean a bit...
but last night I cleaned my oven! yay!!!
one small step for my house!
one giant step for me!!
Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like a great time! I love the photos.

Theresa said...

Beautiful photos. I was in Dallas once about 13 years ago. It's really nice, but oh so hot!

KM said...

sleeping in--- sounds beyond AMAZING! yay for your nesting that means you are getting close close close. :):)

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