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it's official...the nesting begins

Thursday, September 16, 2010
the nesting bug has officially hit.
I told you this morning about how I cleaned my oven yesterday...
I also cleaned the microwave and some of the counters.

*I cleaned the bathrooms,
*I scrubbed the toilets with the pumice stone
(we have hard water and it leaves stains).
*I cleaned the kitchen chairs,
(the wood and the fabric seats).
*I scrubbed the kitchen walls.
*I mopped the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.
*I cleaned the kids toys that were in the kitchen
(their little kitchen, piano and art desk).
*I washed the kitchen rugs.
*Greg cleaned out the recycle bin for me.
*Greg also fixed the leaky faucet that is outside.
*I also started the task of organizing the kids THOUSANDS of books.

Seriously what do you do with all your kids book?
I hate to give so many away but there's just not room to keep them all.
I think I'll do some research and find a place where I can give them
to kids that need books. Anyone know of a place?
I do have holiday books packed away and get those out at the appropriate time
but seriously, I've got a three shelf bookshelf filled and two boxes under beds,
plus three more boxes in the garage to go's insane!
But they do LOVE books...just like their mom and dad!

I'm also wondering how long the nesting bug lasts before
I can just go ahead and give birth.
I'm ready for this baby to come out...
I think! said...

Congratulations on being in the home stretch! As for the books, if you have a Head Start program they would gladly take the books and distribute them to needy kids - another option would be to donate them to the local children's hospital or children's ward.


Theresa said...

I have a lot of books too. I gave away a ton and just couldn't part with some. I use those round sticky dots to sort them by category (fiction, non-fiction, science, religious, poetry, etc). Then I have one basket for each category. I keep those on the shelf for the kids to choose from. The rest are in boxes stored in my basement. I would like to rotate them eventually but it is a big job. Books always seem to sell at garage sales. A lot of new teachers search for them.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a good group to donate to, you should consider Better World Books ( I'm not quite sure how it works with individual donations so you should contact them. Better World Books resells the books and helps promote literacy around the world. Just an idea.

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