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balloon eggs

Thursday, April 09, 2009
If you're looking for a messy but fun Easter craft look no further. I had seen this the other day and it brought back memories of grade school. I figured Naomi and I could do this pretty easily if she allowed herself to get dirty. I wanted to post this now even before we finished in case anyone else out there thinks they may want to try this. You'll need some time to let the craft dry so start it today!

We had a great time making this craft and it really held her attention. I've seen some tutorials on this craft that say to use 50/50 glue and water and well, we didn't do quite so much water because we wanted ours to dry before Easter gets here. So we eneded up using a lot more glue, but it's a small price to pay. Once we got to the tissue paper part we used paintbrushes to put the glue on the tissue paper once it was on the balloon because it was very "fragile". I liked the idea of using paper towel that I saw on someone elses blog because it was really strong and I could wring out some of the glue and still open it up to use on the balloon (just make sure to use a good quality paper towel). Now, the balloons are hanging up to dry and on Saturday I plan on popping the balloon and decorating them a little more! Happy crafting!
Naomi had a great time painting with the glue and painted for quite a while after we were actually done with our balloons. She said she was making a pretend balloon!
I plan on making these next.

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