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can't get enough

Thursday, April 09, 2009
I can't get enough of all the crafty goodness that I see out in the blogosphere...I want to try it all. Today, Naomi and I made a classic easter craft. I remember making these in like 5th grade or something...and now my two year old is doing it! Awesome. We had a good time making this one and got messy in the process. And yes, I was the kid who would put lots of extra glue on my hands during art class so that I could peel it off during math class. And yes, I am that adult to LOVES to peel sunburn...just little hunny? Anyway, check out a few more pics of our project here. I have big plans for a few more Easter crafts before the week is over!

Oh and my dear sweet college roommate Casey is coming for her spring break next week. In college Erica and I called her "Becky HomeEcky" because she's so crafty, so do I have to tell you how excited I am that she's coming (and not just because she's crafty)? I didn't think so. I've even got Naomi really excited too!

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