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Thursday, April 09, 2009
Today was an interesting day. If you ever think that I have it all together and that we just sit around and quietly do crafts all day let me tell you that I'm sorry if that's what I've portrayed. Let's get a real glimpse into our household.

Micah has been mister whiny lately and it's about to drive me clear to California. He just has not been as content to just play lately. He wants to be held and then when I pick him up he wants to get down. The kid LOATHES getting his diaper changed (or just the lying down part) and tries to get out of it every time. He cries lots when I lay him down for a nap, and not just whiny cry but really crying. Ugh! He doesn't seem to get it, you know how they talk about crying it out. "Let them cry and two days later they'll be used to it"?! Well, I'm working on a week or better of hearing him cry and cry when I lay him down for his naps. Ugh! Okay, he's a great kid and we know how happy he is but I just want you to know that he's not a perfect baby.

Naomi is another story. Great kid. I love her to death! But she wears me out. That girl "has more energy in her pinky than I have in my entire body". She talks non-stop, fishes for attention non-stop, climbs non-stop and the list goes on. She loves her books and I think that some days would be content to just sit and be read to all day long, which is awesome I just don't have the patience for that since Micah isn't content to do that also. She is really after attention these days and does what Micah does that warrants him attention (good or bad) and that drives me crazy. For example if we're outside (which we have been a lot lately) Micah usually finds rocks or leaves to put in his mouth, so Naomi goes and does the same because she knows I don't want Micah to do that and it will get me over to him in order to get it out of his mouth. Am I making sense here? Okay, anyway, the other big thing that Naomi has been "up to" lately is not taking a nap, and instead pulling every book off her bookshelf. Not a big deal right? Well, she's only two! She should still be taking naps! Ugh! She'll take about 3-4 a week now. So, after her "nap" she knows that she has to put the books back on the shelf or I will take them away. Today, she didn't want to put them back so I have them all in my closet now. I need to find a better place to store them because really, my closet is not big enough for our clothes and all her books!

Anyway, I asked my dear husband to take the kids to Costco to get some diapers so I could have a moment to breathe and he obliged! Thanks hunny! I got lots of cleaning done in the short amount of time they were gone. I also decided to rid our shelves of some of the thousands of toys that were loitering. I put them away for a while and will bring them back out and rotate in a few months. I need to do better about rotating toys more often. We have had WAY too many toys out lately and it's been driving me nuts. Can you tell I'm a little stressed or nutty today?! Anyway, it felt good to get those toys out and now they can actually see what they are playing with and not just a big ol even though I took away a bunch of toys it still looks as though nothing is different. We'll see how Naomi reacts in the morning but my guess is that she may not even notice.
Okay, I hope that I don't sound too whiny (maybe if you pick me up I'll stop whining) or that I am complaining about my life because that's not it AT ALL! I LOVE my life. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I just feel that sometimes I portray a life on my blog that isn't really our REAL life. I don't want to gloss over the issues that we deal with too. We're very normal people and we lead very normal lives! We deal with the same joys and trials that everyone does and I just want everyone to know that. I know that since we are "the Pastors family", we live in a glass house so everyone kinda tries to know whats going on in here anyway, but I decided that I should just lay it all out there for you in the first place. So, there you have it.
Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only one about to pull her own hair out! If I could just learn to find the joy of all the wrong stuff that goes on everyday, things may be better. We have awesome, well behaved children, but they drive me nuts! Yesterday I demanded just 2 minutes of silence. No one asking me for a drink, telling me someone did something, or telling me they have P**P! Ahhh 2 minutes of pure silence...that was awesome. Then it all stated again. We will see how today goes! Already the breakfast demands have to make eggs, sausage, waffles, cereal, and whatever anyone else wants! Probably around 11:00 am I will get to eat my breakfast~!

Hang in there...and thanks for sharing that I am not the only stressed out Mom!

Susan W

Holly said...

Hey Jamie, We all have our moments and it's good to hear that we're not alone. Love you!!

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