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naomi's easter bag

Wednesday, April 08, 2009
I got Naomi's Easter bag done today. It didn't seem to take me as long as Micah's took and I'm not sure why that is. Probably because I did most of it in one day rather than stretching it over three days. I really am happy with how these turned out and could totally see making more of these for other occasions! I think they would make great birthday party favors...or presents, filled with goodies for the birthday person. Naomi was so cute today, playing with her new bag and she kept trying to give Micah his "purse" to play with, but he must have heard that boys don't play with purses because he wanted nothing to do with it.
I intended for the feet to be under the main body piece but must have moved the body piece when I was stitching it on. Oh well, nobody's perfect.I agreed to buy a table for my local PTA's Craft Fair fundraiser. I will set up a small display for my photography and also show my felt food and take some custom orders. Hopefully it'll be a little successful!

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