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photo shoot

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
When you don't have clients to shoot you just have to use your kids. The weather was really nice so we had a good time playing outside yesterday and it sorta turned into an impromptu photo shoot. We had fun running around and Micah just rolled around on the blankets and ate some leaves and dirt and stuff...then it started getting chilly and our short sleeves just didn't cut it anymore so we had to go inside. These are all straight out of the camera...I didn't do anything to them in photoshop yet. I really love some of these and hope to get some prints made! Do you have a favorite?
Micah wanted to show you his tooth again...can you see the second one poking through?

Jon and Lani said...

the first one is my favorite! :)

Tina said...

I too love the first one and the third from the bottom - both sort of just make me wonder what this little girl dreams about - wistfully wonders...almost even reminds me of the whole look one might give playing he loves me he loves me not.

tiapugh said...

with kiddos that cute, who wouldn't take loads of photos of them? :)

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