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Sunday, December 07, 2008
We went to an ordination this afternoon, and it was a pretty special one because I met the man being ordained while I was in college. My parents met Sergey while they were in Russia. He brought his family to the US and to Wisconsin and they lived with my parents for a while. While Sergey went to Fort Wayne their daughter Lyuba lived with my parents. We lost track of them for a while and then when we were back at the Seminary for our fourth year we saw them there. That was strange but very cool. Anyway, known as Paul, just got a call to a church in Elizabeth City, New Jersey. It was exciting to watch him be ordained and for Greg to participate. Lyuba wasn't at the service but she has a four month old little boy now and doesn't live too far from us so hopefully we'll get to catch up with each other before too long.

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