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Saturday, December 06, 2008
I had a very nice birthday on Thursday and it even carried over into Friday a little bit. I started off the day taking Micah to the doctor for a follow up from his ear infection...he's all good and the nurse practitioner noticed his tooth before I even did (way to go mom!). The kids took great naps which was a wonderful gift, I got to talk to my best friend for two hours and then Greg came home a little early and made me a birthday cake...with Naomi's help! What a sweetie (Greg I mean, not Naomi, although she's pretty sweet too). He had three cards for me to choose from and they all had different resturants inside. I picked the Olive Garden! Yummy!
We came home, gave the kids a bath and enjoyed some birthday cake (it's delicious!!!)Please excuse Micah's crazy hair, face and the fact that he's flipping the bird, we have no control!Friday night Greg had told Naomi that Jenny was coming over and of course she blabbed the secret, but that's okay, I kinda already figured that she was coming over due to some things Greg had said earlier. Once she got there Greg and I got in the car and I was handed three more cards with "date" written on the outside. I picked the card that had us going downtown to have some drinks and listen to some jazz. We went to Jim Cullum's Landing and since the "real" band wasn't going to start till 8:30, we just stayed outside and listened to a jazz trio instead. After that I was handed three more cards that said "dessert" and I picked the card that had us going to Starbucks for coffee and dessert...which was really good because I was getting a little chilly. We walked the Riverwalk and ended up in the mall where there is a starbucks. We enjoyed a mint brownie and some festive warm drinks and of course the company as well. We then headed home and watched the end of the Ball State game with Jenny. What an awesome birthday. Greg really spoiled me and it was very much appreciated. He also bought me roses, Michael W Smith's new CD and another part of the Willow Tree Nativity set. Thanks babe for the awesome birthday celebration!!! It's one I'll always remember!!!

The tree at the mall area of the riverwalk. Sorry it's blurry, I only had my little Kodak with.

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