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pics from baptism

Saturday, March 08, 2008
My computer and camera still seem to be fighting but I found a way to make it work without them knowing they were communicating. So, here are a few pictures from Micaiah's baptism. I had Erin and Brian's camera for the most part so I didn't get too many on mine and it was dark in there so they didn't turn out too great...but here they are anyway.

Oh man, not another picture! Micaiah's baptismal gown is a family heirloom, it was made in 1915 for her great-grandfather's baptism...pretty special!
Brian, Nora, Micaiah and Erin...Nora is Erin's sister and Micaiah's godmother.
Brian re-enacting the baptism!Naomi giving baby Micaiah a kiss (Micaiah was yawning not crying).

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