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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Naomi sure does make life more fun. Sometimes when I see her walking around and playing I have to sit there and think, man I have a kid...who can walk, and "talk" and understands what I say. It's so crazy to think that sometimes. But man, I cannot imagine my life without her. She makes my days so happy and likes to be goofy and just brightens up my day. There are a few days that she's crabby but not very often (today was one of those days). We wonder what's wrong with her when she's acting crabby because it just doesn't happen very often. We are TRULY BLESSED with this little lady and we know that she has spoiled us in MANY ways as parents. She goes to bed great, sleeps great, sleeps late, eats what we give her, laughs at our stupid attempts to make her smile, (or is she just laughing at us), she LOVES to read books, she loves baths, she can play by herself and entertain herself for hours if she has too, she doesn't know a stranger (which isn't ALWAYS a good thing). She's just such a great kid, easy and laid back. We pray that the transition to big sister is this good to her too. We know how much she loves babies so we don't really think it will be too much of a problem... but only time will tell. Here's a video of a bunch of different things that are just truly Naomi right now; dancing, animal noises and some sign language. She is our little blessing and we're so glad that God has given her to us to care for and watch over during our time on earth!

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