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interesting weekend

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Pictures first, then words...
A blog first! Cathy decorated this plate just for us...Yummy cake! Bad picture of us, but here you go. (I do think the camera is adding 10 pounds here)

Love this quilt that Amy made for the little man. Naomi's already trying to claim it as her own but I won't let her!

Saturday night was the baby shower that the Elders and their wives threw for us. What a fun night we had...and we got spoiled with lots of goodies for the little man. I'm excited about a shelving unit with canvas bins...can't wait to get organized (we just need to find time to put the shelves together)! Got lots of cute little onesies and outfits, two quilts, a boppy pillow (I borrowed one the first time around) and some other great gifts! Thanks everyone for spoiling us and helping make the transition a little smoother!

Sunday after church we headed to Houston. Naomi finally fell asleep about an hour away from our destination. We made it to Chad and Erin's easily and had some time to just relax a bit and for Naomi to play with Maddie and Emma. Then we got back in the car and headed downtown to witness the amazingness that is baptism! Brian was about to baptize his daughter and we were so excited that we were able to witness that amazing occasion. Little Micaiah is now part of God's family. Although we didn't get to stay long and catch up it was SO GOOD to see Brian and Erin again and to meet little Micaiah. I bet you can guess what Naomi thought of, baby, baby! She loved little Micaiah. It was so great to be there with them. Greg got to see a couple of people he went to college with too so that was neat.

We headed back to Chad and Erin's and they were all going to have pizza. I opted out because I wasn't feeling good. And about a half hour later we found out why. I got really sick, and then Greg got really sick. Let's just say it WAS NOT pretty at all and felt even worse. We think it was food poisoning from Taco Bell. Sorry Chad and Erin for getting fun for us and I'm sure no fun for you either. We slept on and off all night. I don't think I actually fell asleep till 4ish. I would move from the futon to the chair to the other couch just trying to get comfortable. Around 6:45 I finally fell asleep for a little bit and had a dream about waitressing at Applebee's in my 8th month of pregnancy...I was NOT a good waitress! Anyway, we took it easy in the morning... thank goodness Naomi slept till her normal 8:30am and didn't get sick. We took a tour of Concordia High School in the morning, got to see a couple people from college that teach there and Greg got to see some other friends from Seward. Thanks Chad and Erin for having us, next time we come we won't eat Taco Bell before coming and we'll stay longer!

We took the drive home easy because we cancelled our appointments knowing we wouldn't be up for them. Once we got home we put Naomi down for a nap and slept for two hours ourselves. Greg was feeling better by Tuesday but it took me till today to fell better and I'm still not 100%. Which stinks because this baby is making me hungry but nothing sounds good...oh, except that bowl of ice cream I just had!

I had a doctor appointment this morning. Everything looks good. I lost 3 pounds since last Thursday...thanks to the Taco Bell. Blood pressure was good, the babies heartrate is good and he's moving around still like crazy! He keeps trying to get out...sometimes through my side and sometimes through my belly button but I keep having to tell him that's not how it's done. Okay, that's my story. Oh, and pictures from the baptism are coming, for some reason my computer and camera are in a fight and not working together right I'll get them up here soon! Have a great week!

Casey said...

I had the worse food poisoning ever from Taco Bell about 8 months ago and I will NEVER eat there again. I was in so much pain that even the sound of "Taco Bell" brings back the feeling and the taste in my mouth. Never, ever, ever, ever, again will I eat there-even if it was my only option and I hadn't eaten in a month. I feel your pain.

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