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Saturday, March 01, 2008
So, after the drama that was my day on Thursday we had a great, relaxing and fun Friday. Naomi and I drove up to Austin to go visit Rachael and Lucy who were there visiting her in-laws. Rachael and her husband Nick are friends from the Seminary and Nick is the youth Pastor at a church in Michigan. It was great to spend the afternoon at the park and to let the girls just run around. Naomi had a great time playing with the rocks, trying to steal Kate's purse and lots of other things that didn't belong to her and going down the big slide. It was nice to see a familiar face again and to catch up! We can't wait to meet little Murray and for Lucy to be a big sister at the begining of July. Thanks for spending some time with us Rachael and Lucy, we had a blast! Here's the only picture I got of the girls somewhat looking at the camera at the same time!
34 weeks prego and 22 weeks prego.

Friday night we had dinner at a members house. It was very delicious and great company. They have some awesome hobbies and oil painting is one of them....very good oil paintings! It was a great day! Today, we have been lazy and not done much at all. We have a baby shower to go to tonight...for us! The elders and their wives are throwing the party...what an honor!

We're headed to Houston on Sunday to watch as Micaiah becomes a member of God's family...we're so excited to meet her. We'll also get to spend some time with Chad, Erin and the girls! It will be a fun and quick trip! Have a great weekend!

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