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Friday, March 28, 2008
On Monday we got to play tour guides and had a blast doing so. We took Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bruce to the Alamo for their first trip there. I actually learned a lot more about the Alamo because Sally was there (she's a member of our church and a tour guide at the Alamo) and she didn't have any groups or anything to lead around so she was able to give us our own personal tour! We also watched a video that I didn't know was there and walked in another part of the Alamo grounds that I had never been in before.

We went to the Riverwalk and had lunch along the river and Naomi was fascinated with the little baby ducks and the birds that were playing in the water! We also went on a RiverBoat Cruise which is always very crowded (the boat) and educational. Naomi got a little squirmy but we made it! We drove around a little before heading home for some late naps. We headed to a little "hole in the wall" type of place for dinner. The best Texas bbq that I've had here yet. It's a place called Bucket Brigade BBQ and is owned by a retired fire fighter and his son. The food is SO good! The only bummer is that they were out of we just had more ribs! It was so delicious...I could eat their brisket all day long!

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